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Hair transplantation is a unique procedure requiring precision, attention to detail, and an understanding of your goals. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, recipient of the Anderson Memorial Award for earning the nation’s highest score on his facial plastic surgery board exams, along with his partner Dr. Anthony Bared, specialize in hair transplant repairs, natural hairline design, FUE techniques using our own E-Fue system, stem cell research, surgical hairline advancement / forehead shortening surgery, the treatment of male pattern and female pattern hair loss, and beard and eyebrow transplants.

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Triple Board Certified

Founder & Director of the Foundation for Hair Restoration

Dr. Epstein is unique in the field of hair transplantation as he is a triple board certified facial plastic surgeon who has specialized in the treatment of hair loss since 1993. Refining his techniques for 20-plus years, Dr. Epstein's facial plastic surgery background is a reflection of his commitment to excellence and provides him with advanced aesthetic skills that can assure his patients of achieving the most natural appearing results. And today, patients can choose to be treated by his partner Dr. Bared, for a somewhat lower fee.

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We understand that when making a choice about your hair procedure, being well informed on all your options and selecting the best, most qualified specialist is essential. We believe that's why more than 11,000 patients from all 50 United States and over 80 countries have trusted us with their care while thousands of patients have provided their photos for you to view and nearly 1,000 more have written a testimonial about their experience.


"Wow. I mean we really have a good specialist for transplants here, we think, but WOW. So I just wanted to pass that compliment on to you."

"He said he did transplants as well, which I didn’t know, and told me you did an excellent job. I realized how lucky I was to pick you when I did. You’ve spoiled me and I like it."


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Thousands of patients have traveled to the hair specialist Dr. Jeffrey Epstein for his expertise in hair transplantation. Patients have come from all 50 United States and over 75 countries worldwide. The Foundation for Hair Restoration Miami office is conveniently located near Coral Gables, the University of Miami, Coconut Grove, and quite close to Miami International Airport. So while you are here, you can take advantage of all that Miami, Florida has to offer. The New York City office is located right in the Upper East Side.Learn More »

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