Newsletter 04 2012
Newsletter 04 2012 In what is now my 18th year in practice, I'd like to take this opportunity to update my colleagues on my work in hair restoration surgery, the area in which I specialize. Far from just a single procedure, surgical hair restoration includes the diagnosis and treatment of male and female pattern hair loss, eyebrow and facial hair restoration, reparative procedures, forehead shortening/hairline advancement procedures, and others. With continually evolving and improving techniques, results are more natural appearing than ever before, making hair restoration surgery a truly aesthetic procedure.

Hair Transplantation for Men and Women - Follicular Unit Grafting

My work in performing over 9,000 hair procedures has earned me world recognition for achieving natural appearing results with the microscopic technique. In a single procedure, 3,000 or more grafts can be transplanted, during which patients can watch movies on an iPad or sleep. To perform these transplant procedures properly, I work with my team of 22 full-time hair transplant assistants, each of whom average over 8 years working with me. To address hair issues in women, 6 years ago I established the Women's Center for Hair Loss to provide diagnostic workups, non-surgical solutions including medications and laser light therapy, and specialized hair transplant procedures. Below are examples of the different applications of hair transplantation, many more of which can be viewed at and

Newsletter 04 2012

Hairline Advancement/Forehead Shortening Procedures

To lower overly high hairlines in women, there are two excellent options - the Surgical Hairline Advancement (SHA) procedure, and hair grafting. SHA advances the hairline by as much as 5 cm, reducing the height of the forehead in a single 90 minute procedure, with Endotine® hooks used to secure the scalp and prevent scar widening. The second technique, hair grafting, is indicated for a non-compliant scalp or for rounding out of the hairline. Examples are shown below and at

Newsletter 04 2012

Eyebrow, Beard, and Transplants to Other Areas

In this field I likely have the largest experience in the world, and I authored the chapter on eyebrow transplants for the definitive textbook for hair surgeons. Results with these meticulous procedures can be, when performed properly, natural appearing, as shown below, and on my website

Newsletter 04 2012

Reparative Hair Procedures - Righting Prior Wrongs

There are still many men wearing hats or hairpieces to conceal the unnatural appearance from poorly performed prior procedures. In addition, especially in women, but also in men, scarring and hairline distortion from prior plastic surgery procedures such as facelifts and browlifts can be repaired with hair transplantation. Utilizing various techniques that I described in articles that have appeared in journals such as Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery, significant improvements in naturalness can be achieved, as shown below and at

Newsletter 04 2012

Follicular Unit Extraction - Hair without Incision Scars

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a newer hair transplant technique that avoids a linear donor scar, each graft removed with a tiny punch rather than strip. FUE is best for transplanting young men who may wish to shave their heads, African-Americans, and those with largely depleted donor hair. One of the reasons for the increased popularity of FUE is the recent availability of several mechanized FUE devices. With my extensive experience performing several hundred FUE procedures over the past 3 years, I prefer a non-mechanized technique, working with my special team of designated FUE assistants. Below are several examples, with more available for viewing on


Keeping up with Addison

Now a teenage girl, Addison first came to me 6 years ago, with significant scalp scarring from a prior burn. As part of the nationwide organization Operation Restore, Addison's surgery was provided pro bono. Seeing these pictures of a normal happy teenager is heartwarming.

Newsletter 04 2012
I am available to meet with referrals and answer any questions you may have. My newly renovated office in South Miami maximizes patient comfort and professionalism, similar to my NYC office located on 56th and Park, where I perform both consults and procedures monthly. Please let us know how we can be of help, by emailing me at [email protected], calling my offices, or visiting my website


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Newsletter 04 2012