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Facial Hair Restoration: Hair Transplantation to Eyebrows, Beard, Sideburns, and Eyelashes
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Hair Transplants to Treat Hair Loss

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Thanks for visiting the Foundation for Hair Restoration and taking the first step towards learning about our commitment to providing the very finest in hair restoration since 1993. We are proud to acknowledge that more than 9,000 patients from all 50 United States and over 75 countries have trusted Dr. Jeffrey Epstein and his team with their care. We are excited that you have chosen to learn about the work being done for individuals like yourself, by the Foundation for Hair Restoration, and to see just how good you can look.

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procedure of 2,800 grafts
Before and after one procedure of 2,800 grafts
procedure of 3,400 grafts
Before and after one procedure of 3,400 grafts
procedure of 1,700 grafts
Before and after one procedure of 1,700 grafts

How Can Hair Transplantation Help My Hair Loss?

For those unfamiliar with hair transplantation, it is a surgical technique that involves moving individual hair follicles from one part of the body, known as the donor site, to a different part of the body, known as the recipient site. In many cases, the recipient sites are the bald or balding spots. By taking hairs from the back of the head (or if indicated, from other parts of the body) from areas that are not susceptible to going bald, and transplanting those hairs into bald or other desired areas, a permanent and natural-appearing full head of hair can be attained using the individual’s own hairs. The hair follicles that have been harvested, called grafts, can be transplanted in a session of one or more procedures, virtually painlessly, into the recipient area(s) of choice.

The two most commonly performed techniques for hair transplantation include Follicular Unit Grafting (FUG; also known as the Strip Method) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Click the links on each technique to read more about the details of each, or contact us via email by completing the contact form.

How Does Dr. Epstein and the FHR Transplant the Hair?

Dr. Epstein and the few other select surgeons at the FHR are capable of transplanting several hundred to as many as 4,000 grafts in a single, virtually painless procedure lasting only several hours. The procedure is performed in the office, in a sterile and safe yet comfortable environment. Dr. Epstein has one of the only, if not the only, fully accredited operating rooms used exclusively for hair restoration, assuring patients of the safest and most fully sterile procedure. The majority of patients choose to have the procedure performed under local anesthesia with a mild short-acting sedative.

After the procedure, patients leave our office bandage-free. The transplanted hair begins to grow in three to four months while the patient can typically return to work and most regular activities within a day after the procedure. In many patients, a second, and occasionally a third, procedure is performed as soon as four to six months later to further increase the density of the hair. In some patients, subsequent procedures are only performed after there has been more hair loss in the future, after a period of several years. Except in the minority of cases, hair loss is progressive for the rest of an individual’s lifetime. Any hair restoration process performed by the Foundation’s team will include planning for this future hair loss, making the results of the hair transplant look good today, as well as in the years to come.

Found hair FREE consultationOur patients tend to be well-informed, doing their homework before choosing a surgeon. By consulting with the FHR, one can be assured of learning about all the treatment options, in a professional, confidential environment, from board certified plastic, facial plastic, and/or hair restoration surgeons who specialize in and teach others about hair restoration, and who are recognized by the media for their expertise. Confidence comes from the FHR surgeons’ commitment to achieving the finest image enhancement, as expressed in the Foundation’s mission statement; they choose to get it done right the first time.

Your visit to our web site is a great learning experience – providing you with the opportunity to learn about the work being done for individuals like yourself, by the Foundation for Hair Restoration, and to see just how good you can look. Read more about the hair replacement process from start to finish or view some of the hundreds of hair restoration photos in our gallery.

Take the First Step to Treating Hair Loss

It is important that our patients consult with Dr. Epstein before deciding if a hair restoration procedure is the best option for receding hairline treatment. While a personal consultation with Dr. Epstein  (Miami, NYC) or one of the other FHR surgeons in different cities is invaluable, your entire procedure can be planned through a virtual consultation without meeting the surgeon in person, just send photographs along with information about yourself including your goals. Please complete the contact form if you should have any questions or call our office at 305-666-1774. We look forward to hearing from you.

Foundation for Hair Restoration patients come from all 50 United States and around the world.

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Dr. Epstein is unique in the field of hair transplantation, as he is a triple board certified facial plastic surgeon who has specialized in the treatment of hair loss since 1993. Refining his techniques for 20 years, Dr. Epstein's facial plastic surgery background is not only a reflection of his commitment to excellence and obtaining unsurpassed qualifications, but more importantly provides him with the advanced aesthetic skills that can assure his patients of achieving the most natural appearing hair results. Click here to learn more about Dr. Epstein.

Flying in for Surgery

Thousands of patients have traveled to the hair specialist Dr. Jeffrey Epstein for his expertise in hair transplantation. Patients have come from all 50 United States and over 75 countries worldwide. The Foundation for Hair Restoration Miami office is conveniently located near Coral Gables, the University of Miami, Coconut Grove, and quite close to Miami International Airport. So while you are here, you can take advantage of all that Miami, Florida has to offer. The New York City office is located right in the Upper East Side. Learn More »
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