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Facial Hair Restoration: Hair Transplantation to Eyebrows, Beard, Sideburns, and Eyelashes
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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

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Platelet Rich PlasmaPlatelet Rich PlasmaLet’s face it- most people would rather not have to undergo any type of surgical procedure- even one as relatively easy as a hair transplant- if they can avoid it. That is where the therapies discussed on this page may fit in for you to help with the treatment of hair loss.

If you have spent enough time doing your research, you have learned that Dr. Epstein, along with his fellow plastic surgery-trained colleagues at the Foundation for Hair Restoration- Dr. Bared and Dr. Kuka- are recognized as truly ethical and innovative experts in the treatment of hair loss.  Our doctors have developed and advanced techniques that will potentially complement the overall holistic treatment of hair loss. In some cases these procedures are best as stand-alone therapies, while in others they may help potentiate the results obtained by an FUE or FUG hair transplant.

Non-surgical Therapies And The Doctors Who Perform Them:

Recognizing that there is only so much work that he can do, Dr. Epstein, who has performed approximately 10,000 hair transplants, is joined by two other plastic surgeons at the Foundation for Hair Restoration. Dr. Anthony Bared, a fellowship trained facial plastic surgeon who studied at the University of Miami and University of Illinois at Chicago, also performs state of the art hair transplants as well as a variety of non-surgical therapies. He has presented at national meetings on his research into laser light therapy and PRP (platelet rich plasma). Dr. Gorana Kuka is a fellowship trained plastic surgeon from Europe who has particular interest in the use of PRP and mesotherapy for female and male hair loss. Her presence is a real bonus for the Foundation, as in Europe these cutting edge therapies have been used more intensively than here in North America.  She also has conducted research on the use of regenerative cells and fat transfer therapy as a potential treatment for hair loss.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

An Effective Development in the Treatment of Hair Loss

Platelet Rich Plasma: An “Angel” to the Rescue

Over the past few years, cell therapy – in the form of growth factors, cell multiplication, and stem cells – have been the hottest area of potential innovation in many areas of medicine. Hair transplantation is no exception, and we are at the forefront in developing these applications.

Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy, using the patient’s own blood which is centrifuged to separate out this growth factor-containing component, is being actively used in the treatment of hair loss, both as a solo treatment and in conjunction with hair transplantation. Rich in growth factors and platelets (one of the human body’s most potent mediators of healing), PRP is applied to the scalp in several ways to help in the treatment of hair loss. Using the state of the art Angel® system, the most technologically advanced way to obtain PRP, our doctors at the Foundation have been recommending PRP for certain patients with progressive hair loss, as well as part of their transplant procedures for the past two years.

The majority of our patients do show a positive response to PRP, including the slowing down or even the stopping of hair loss.  In addition to it being used as a stand-along treatment, the use of PRP with a hair transplant has shown several possible advantages: as a graft storage solution to enhance the percentage take of the grafts, applied to the donor site it seems to speed up and improves healing; injected into the scalp at the time of a transplant it enhance healing. While it is still too early to tell just how effective it is for all patients, there is a good likelihood that in time PRP will become part of the standard of care.

As part of the Foundation doctors’ commitment to bringing the best treatments to patients, PRP therapy is (optionally) provided for an add-on fee with the transplant procedure. As a stand-alone therapy, we usually recommend a series of two to four treatments over six months.

To learn more about PRP, as well as other innovations the Foundation doctors are bringing to their work, please  contact us.


Developed by a research scientist colleague, PRP is obtained from a small amount of the patient’s blood by spinning it in a centrifuge at such high speeds that it isolates the platelets (the body’s mediator of healing) and growth factor proteins. The PRP and growth factors can then be utilized in several ways to enhance the results of the hair transplant procedure:

•Added to the scalp where hairs are transplanted, decreasing bleeding and bruising, accelerating healing, and reducing shock hair loss, meaning patients look better sooner after the procedure

•Speeding up and increasing the percentage of transplanted hair growth

•Better healing of the donor site incision and FUE donor sites – this is where PRP seem to be particularly effective


Pictured above are results of a PRP stand-alone procedure. This patient underwent one session of PRP therapy in our office and the photos were taken 8 months apart. Note these results may not happen in all patients, but are becoming more and more common.

As part of our commitment to state of the art care, PRP is now provided with the hair transplant procedure for any patient who desires or is appropriate for it. Furthermore, as the addition to the scalp of PRP can thicken thinning hairs and help reawaken dormant hairs, PRP is also offered as a stand-alone procedure as a treatment for male and female pattern hair loss, where it is occasionally effective in slowing down shedding or active hair loss. Your doctor and/or patient advisor can answer any questions you have about this therapy.

Foundation for Hair Restoration patients come from all 50 United States and around the world.

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Dr. Epstein is unique in the field of hair transplantation, as he is a triple board certified facial plastic surgeon who has specialized in the treatment of hair loss since 1993. Refining his techniques for 20 years, Dr. Epstein's facial plastic surgery background is not only a reflection of his commitment to excellence and obtaining unsurpassed qualifications, but more importantly provides him with the advanced aesthetic skills that can assure his patients of achieving the most natural appearing hair results. Click here to learn more about Dr. Epstein.

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