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Facial Hair Restoration: Hair Transplantation to Eyebrows, Beard, Sideburns, and Eyelashes
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Facial Hair Transplantation

Dr. Jeffrey Epstein, founder and director of the Foundation for Hair Restoration and Plastic Surgery, is a world-renowned expert in hair restoration. Dr. Epstein performs procedures which add fullness to a thinning head of hair as well as restorative techniques for facial hair. Most facial hair transplant procedures are performed on the goatee and mustache areas, but beards, sideburns and cheeks may also be addressed in relation to concerns about thinning or missing hair.

Facial hair can be lost for several reasons. Genetics, burns, injury, and former laser hair removal, electrolysis, or surgical procedures can be to blame. Under these circumstances all facial hair may be missing or certain areas may be thinning or patchy. Restoration techniques can be used to provide full coverage or they may be used only on specific areas.

Hair grafts used during the 2- to 5-hour facial hair transplantation procedure are harvested from the back or sides of the scalp, the same sites where donor hairs for the head are drawn from. These hairs are ideal since they are similar to facial hair in texture and the way in which they grow. The new, natural-looking hairs will be able to be shaved just like normal facial hair.

Facial hair transplantation is relatively pain-free. Local anesthesia is used during surgery in combination with oral sedatives. More information about the procedure and recovery is available through the link above or during a consultation with Dr. Epstein.

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Other Hair Restoration Procedures

Aside from facial hair transplantation, Dr. Epstein performs a comprehensive array of hair restoration procedures, including the following:

Follicular Unit Micrografting (FUM/FUG) – The most common hair restoration procedure is follicular unit micrografting (FUM/FUG). Thanks to recent advancements in technology, results are natural looking and the signs that any procedure was performed are barely discernible. During the procedure a single strip of donor hair is removed from the back of the head for use on the rest of the scalp because these hairs are impervious to balding and will provide permanent results.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)FUE is a newer, more technically challenging procedure that does not remove a strip of hair as FUM/FUG does. Instead, tiny punches (0.8 to 1mm) are utilized to remove the individual grafts from the donor site. Patients are later able to keep their hair much shorter, even sometimes shaving it completely, since no linear scars are present.

Megasession Follicular Unit Micrografting – The fastest method for achieving your goal of a full head of hair is to receive hair restoration during a megasession. A megasession lasts from six to nine hours, during which as many as 4,500 follicular unit micrografts can be transplanted. Recovery is similar to other transplant procedures. Hair will begin to grow after three to four months.

Reparative Procedures – Patients who have undergone hair restoration procedures previously but received inferior treatment frequently seek the expertise of Dr. Epstein for reparative procedures. Common undesirable results include hair that looks “pluggy.” When this happens it is the sign of older, outdated techniques. Grafts can be removed, made smaller, and replanted, or additional grafts may be used to fill in areas. Other problems patients face that can be corrected are donor site scars and ridging.

Eyebrow Hair TransplantsEyebrow hair may become thin, scarred, or completely missing from genetics, over-plucking, trauma, or other conditions. Like other procedures, donor hair comes from the scalp. Attention to detail is important to achieve a natural appearance for this delicate area of the face. Miniscule, angled incisions are used to achieve the right effect. The recovery period is approximately three to five days.

Eyelash Hair Transplants – Transplants for the eyelashes are performed on patients who have no eyelashes due to genetics and to thicken the appearance of eyelashes in those who do. Since the donor hair is from the scalp, the eyelashes will need to be trimmed about once a month. Up to 50 hairs can be transplanted into each upper eyelid. The procedure can take about 2 hours.

Women’s Follicular Unit Micrografting – Hair loss is not only a problem for men. Women can experience female pattern baldness, a condition that causes embarrassment and other negative emotions. Other medical conditions can also cause hair loss in women. Modified FUG techniques may be able to be used on the female scalp.

Hairline Advancement – Overly high hairlines are most common in women. Hairline advancement is a procedure with lowers the hairline in one step. Incisions along the front of the hairline are made and forehead skin is extracted to move the hairline forward and shorten the size of the forehead. The result is a more feminine appearance. Hair transplant grafts may also be used to round out the hairline and add fullness.

Facelift Scar Repair – After a facelift, hair around the incision site, such as sideburns, along the temples and behind the ears, can be left missing due to scarring. Hair grafting and a combination of other procedures may be used to correct the issue. Dr. Epstein is experienced in facial scar repair.

Body Hair – The chest and abdomen are the most common areas on which body hair transplantation is performed. The procedure can also be undergone by patients who would like to increase pubic hair and axilla (armpit) hair. Burns, surgery scars, electrolysis, genetics and other causes can lead to missing or thinning body hair. Donor hairs come from the scalp.

Transgender Hair – Transgendered individuals going through the male to female or female to male process can often have concerns about scalp and body hair. More feminine hairlines can be created, body hair transplantations can be performed, and facial hair can be placed, as well as other gender-specific hair concerns. Transgender hair surgery is one of the many areas of which Foundation for Hair Restoration has experience.

Laser Light Therapy – Hair follicles can be stimulated by low-level laser light therapy for non-invasive treatments, or in combination with surgical hair transplant procedures. Options offered by the Foundation for Hair Restoration include iGrow and Laser Cap, treatments that can be done at home. Revage is performed in the office and has become the gold standard for laser light therapy for hair restoration. Platelet rich plasma (PRP) is a new form of cell therapy that utilizes the patient’s own blood and applies it to the scalp to treat hair loss.

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